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Lawyers are beings that are molded to see different and varied perspectives at the same time and respond to the same by taking advantage. This is what gives them the competitive edge and the ability to convert a setback to a strength. This process however is one which can take its toll over time which is why lawyers stress is an aspect in the profession that is growing by the day. What causes the stress factor?


With lawyers, every detail matters and this means that they cannot afford to overlook any factor that may in turn prove to have a direct bearing to a case. It is this particular factor that drives lawyers to the edge in terms of the stress levels. The perfectionism attitude takes its toll especially with the criminal niche of the field of law. Overexertion in a bid to consider all outcomes and details is what contributes to lawyers stress and the eventual depressing nature of the job.


Anxiety always builds tension which in turn contributes to the buildup of stress. Anxiety in the law profession is brought about by a continuous need to stay in control of proceedings and have an effect on the eventual outcome of a judgment. Anxiety brings about lawyers stress by driving the desire to establish an impact based control on a case. 


A lawyer is the only individual in a case that shoulders the burden of having to be pessimistic and confident at the same time. In the law profession, pessimism is an aspect that lawyers must have in a bid to consider all angles and any shifts in the approach that will have a progressive impact on a case. Pessimism therefore leads to a buildup of the stress element in lawyers by giving them the challenge of being in overdrive in terms of catering to all eventualities.